Lifetime Warranty

RAM and MicroSD Memory Card products have a lifetime warranty. Products are guaranteed under our lifetime warranty policy or until the item is out of production. If so, the company will issue a letter of notice to customers at least one year in advance. In addition, the warranty will also cover electrical damage to the pin (only for RAM products).


Three-year Limited Warranty

NEXT CPU products have a warranty period of three years from the date of sale. The company will not be liable for:
    1. Products without a warranty sticker, or an illegible warranty expiration date.
    2. Products that differ vastly from the original shape, including but not limited to, products that are chipped, bent, deformed, and/or cracked.
    3. Products that are in a condition outside the scope of day to day usage, including but not limited to, water stains, rust marks, burn marks on chips or PCBs.
    4. Products that have an expired warranty or products that do not show any signs of defect.